Logging For Life

For more than 60 years, the crew at Shamco, Inc., has been working in the forests of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Northern Wisconsin harvesting renewable forest products. We contribute to our local community and beyond with critical raw materials such as pulp for paper and timber to build homes.



  • Timber harvesting
  • Forest management plans
  • Wildlife habitat enhancement

Did You Know?

Michigan Forestry Facts

Timber harvesting in Michigan is an economic boon. About 41,000 jobs are directly tied to the industry in the state. In addition, the timber industry alone contributes $12.2 billion to the state’s economy.

Will we run out of trees? Not any time soon…

Tree growth in Michigan far exceeds the annual harvest. In fact, more than twice as much timber is grown each year than is harvested! This means that with the use of precise and sustainable harvesting methods, we’re set up to serve our clients for decades to come.

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Benefits of Sustainable Logging

  • Source of everyday products - pulp for paper, lumber for buildings & furniture 
  • Renewable resource - trees can be harvested as early as 15-20 years after they’re planted, compared to millions of years for coal, oil, and other resources. 
  • Watershed protection - less wash-out and erosion with sustainable methods
  • Recreation - logging roads become access points for exploring & enjoying nature
  • Helps maintain a healthy forest ecosystem 
  • Enhances wildlife habitat
  • Sustains local economy with jobs and economic output


Work Smarter, Not Harder

What might seem crude to the casual observer – like removing a tree from the forest – can actually be quite high-tech.

To minimize waste, Ponsse harvesters use advanced sensing technologies that help machine operators pick out the trees that match their desired specs. Operators enter in predetermined lengths and diameters for different sorts, and the harvester head communicates back to the computer. Together, they fell the timber and cut it to length.