Commercial Services

S&S Treeworkx will help manage all your tree trimming and removal projects. Is there a service you need that you don’t see here?
Give us a call, and we’ll see if we can help you out.

Land Clearing

We can help you remove trees and ground cover from your land. Our techniques include forestry mulching, firing up the bulldozers, or excavating. 

New Road Access

Have you recently purchased a property and need a driveway to your desired build site? We can help you build an access road or driveway safely and efficiently, from staking out the path, clearing the land, and building the road.

Food Plots

We can help you clear an area to provide a supplementary food supply for wildlife. Plant a diverse habitat to attract many different species, or manage the plot for one desired species such as white-tailed deer. Food plots are a long-term investment in the wildlife on and around your property.

Forestry Mulching

This is an efficient way to remove unwanted vegetation because we only use one single machine to cut, grind and clear vegetation – no bulldozers, excavators, wood chippers, or dump trucks needed to haul away waste. The mulch from leftover trees, heavy branches, brush, and tall grasses is ground up and laid right back down, forming a nutrient-rich ground cover. Forestry mulching can help control the spread of invasive species, prevent erosion, encourage native plant growth, and ultimately improve wildlife habitat.

New Construction Site Prep

This is the first phase of any construction or forestry project. We assist you through the complete process from clearing the land of trees and debris, leveling the ground for building, moving materials to and from the building site, and excavating services to prepare sites for footings, foundations, and waterlines.

Road Maintenance

We offer gravel hauling to or from a worksite, road grading, and culvert installation.